8 High Ratio Gear Reducer Solutions You Probably Didn't Know We Had

High Ratio Solutions

Why High Ratio?

If you’ve ever ridden a bike with the ability to shift gears, then you understand the basic benefits of having a higher ratio in a drive train. If you are riding on a flat road, a low gear ratio will produce the highest speed with the least amount of effort. When the road comes to an incline, you may need to change gears to a higher ratio which allows you to overcome the added strain that is brought on by the slope of the road.

The same reasoning applies to manufacturing. If you use a high ratio gearbox, you can drive a machine with a smaller motor. This decreases cost for the drive and it also allows for a more cost-efficient machine for the end user as the smaller motor consumes less energy. A lower ratio will allow a higher speed but will require more torque from the motor.

Our Solutions

Nabtesco understands the benefits of having a broad product line of gearboxes with varying ratios. A robot or positioner will typically require a high torque, low speed drive. A rack and pinion or belt drive design will typically need a higher speed gearbox with less torque. We have a range of ratios from 11:1 up to 400:1 and greater, to accommodate your drive requirements.

RV-N Series Gear Reducer
RV-N Series Gear Reducer

Our standard product typically takes a cycloidal gear and multiplies it with a spur gear stage. This allows us to keep the exterior dimensions of the gearbox the same, with only a few variances within the product, making it easy to produce a variety of ratios with minimal changes within our product. It also allows for some of the highest ratios on the market within a very small size envelope.

What we have

If you are looking for a ratio higher than what we have in our catalogs, most customers add another gearbox to increase this value. This works well, but it also increases the size of the design and the end cost to our customer. So, we are coming up with even higher ratio solutions for these applications. Most of these are not published in our catalogs and we keep limited stock of these products, so please contact your distributor for availability.

As these products are not published in our catalogs, we are including some of them below to make you more aware of our capabilities. We are continuing to increase these designs, so if you don’t see what you need, please contact us for more information.

High Ratio examples :

C series (hollow shaft)
Model Ratio Allowable acceleration torque
320C-378.07 378.07 : 1 7,840 Nm
500C-400.04 400.04 : 1 12,250 Nm
900C-203.98 203.98 : 1 22,050 Nm
1200C-201 201 : 1 29,400 Nm
N series (solid shaft)
Model Ratio Allowable acceleration torque
380N-261.66 261.66 : 1 9,310 Nm
500N-313 313 : 1 12,250 Nm
700N-302.05 302.05 : 1 17,500 Nm
900N-316.71 316.71 : 1 22,500 Nm

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